Vialand Theme Park & Mall in Istanbul

Vialand has been a great destination for tourist attraction for visitors from Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Vialand is a place that offers a combination of theme park and a shopping mall. Tourists will find that this destination is the best way to have a wonderful time full of adventure with their family and friends. Vialand theme park provide many different games and shows that allows different genders plus different ages to enjoy their time. For example, it offers children 4D cinema with Dora The Explorer’s uninhibited exploration and the story of the magnificent underwater world of SpongeBob Square Pants. It also offers many other shows that are popular all around the world like these two examples. In addition, visitors have the ability to exit the park by the giving them a visible stamp in their hands by the security. This stamp will make the visitors be able to re-enter the theme park again by simply showing their stamp to the entry system. Visitors have the ability to have a break and visit the mall to eat and walk around the mall to explore different things. Vialand shopping mall offers different well-known brands like H&M, Zara, Bershka, and different sportswear brands. Moreover, the mall also provides different restaurants whether it’s in the food court or in the different areas of the shopping mall. Cinema and bowling is also available in the shopping mall. In my opinion, this place is absolutely a great place to enjoy your time with your loved ones; I had a wonderful time their and I will absolutely visit this place again.